DR as a Service (DRaaS)

Protect your business and data from natural disasters.

What Is DRaaS?

Your company’s data is a valuable asset, and protecting it can be quite tricky. Apart from competition that may choose to attack your business growth via your data, natural or man-made disasters can also take a toll on your servers.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) helps you protect your data, always stay online and recover your data in the event of a disaster.

How DRaaS Works?

Cherrylabs’ DRaaS takes the stress out of data protection and recovery, leaving no space for your business to come crashing down because of a data disaster.

Seamless Replication DRaaS replicates your servers, using the industry best and intelligent replication softwares, to our cloud data site in a configured interval, creating recovery point objectives (RPO) as per your unique Disaster Recovery Plan.
Failover Within Minutes Quick failover to the DR server ensures that your business has no down-time.
Easy Failback Take the hassle out of switching back to a physical server or virtual machine with smooth failbacks, where all the data stored on the cloud data site is replicated back to your site.


 Efficient Testing

You can test the server via the DR site as soon as replication is complete. This useful feature also helps to test new application releases instantly.

 High Security

Dedicated MPLS links, VPN and firewalls in the Virtual Private Cloud service provide Fort Knox level security to the DR server to prevent unauthorized access and hacking attempts.

 Transparent Statuses

The Cherrylabs Dashboard lets you see your recovery point objective (RPO), recovery time objective (RTO) and replication statuses.

Lower Storage Hardware Provisioning Costs

Pay as you go for just the services you need and use so that you don’t burden your business with needless IT resource costs. Cherrylabs’ cloud architecture facilitates simple scalability so that you grow your resources at your pace.


BaaS keeps your data safe while offering a host of business-friendly benefits.

Prepare For Disaster

Your business can be protected from data loss and you can recover complete data access even in the event of a failure. The focus on not just on protecting your data, but also to run your business from recovery site in the event of disaster.

Ensure Recoverability

DRaaS helps you maintain a balance in your disaster recover plan (DRP). While several DRPs focus on bridging the gap when hardware or software failures arise, many fail to focus on another asset – manpower. A natural or man-made disaster can have an adverse effect on your staff too. An efficient DRP, therefore, is one that considers all assets when determining how to cope.

Ensure Recoverability

DRaaS helps you keep your data secure and preempts failures. Everything is automated – from replication down to recovery, removing the chances of human error.

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