Cloud Migration Service

Migration to the Cloud was never this easy.

What Is It?

As business demands grow, many organizations find their IT capacity for innovation decreasing. With numerous applications clogging up infrastructure, it can be hard to fill the gap and keep your IT capacity in sync with your business growth.

Our Cloud Migration Service helps you get your applications, infrastructure and business processes to the cloud. You can then eliminate your on-premises storage, servers and networks and switch to an enterprise-ready cloud instead.

How It Works?

Cherrylabs’ Cloud Migration Service helps you maximize performance, mitigate risk and tap into robust processes that promote business growth. Our seamless cloud migration service ensures security, scalability and data replication with zero downtime and regulatory compliance.

Pre-migration Your IT architecture and infrastructure, including virtual machines, associated storage and networking configurations are assessed. Our Cloud Migration Service supports infrastructure, data, platform and application migration.
Solution Modeling and Migration Software-defined migrations are initiated, while also supporting DRaaS scenarios during the actual migration from your legacy systems to the cloud. Our secure cloud migration ensures zero data loss during the process.
Optimization and Delivery Post-migration data verification ensures that your migrated data is intact and running seamlessly in the new environment.



A core feature of our Cloud Migration Service is its automated processes. With agentless migration, you don’t require any component to be pre-installed on guest machines, nor are guest credentials and manual intervention needed.

Scalable Architecture

Migrations to the cloud are not restricted by threads. With Cherrylabs’ Cloud Migration Service, you can run a number of migrations or replications at the same time as long as it falls within the underlying resource availability, network capacity and QoS mandates.


Any data transfer over our cloud migration service goes through multi-layer security to ensure zero data loss or theft. Additionally. DRaaS scenarios are considered during migration, preventing disasters.


Plan migrations to the cloud and have them automatically executed at specific times or at a given frequency. You thereby avoid the risk of human error and the chance of data loss if migrationsare not carried out.

Friendly UI

Manage your cloud migrations and view statuses through a modern web UI with a user-friendly dashboard.


CMaaS takes your business from legacy IT infrastructure to secure, fast and happening cloud.


Migrating to the Enterprise grade cloud makes your data and applications always available. Always-on environments provide secure, seamless and continuous delivery.


Precious time is saved during migration as manual intervention is removed and there is no need to manually rebuild applications in the cloud. Server workloads are lifted from your existing environments to the new cloud environment, all the while maintaining security. Customers are also positively impacted as they get to deploy services directly from cloud environments, increasing the efficiency of your tenants’ workloads.


Completely automated processes reduces costs involved in manual intervention. Additionally, our scalable cloud architecture lets you pay for just what you use, and saves your business additional expenses involved in investing in new infrastructure as your business grows.

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